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Terms & Conditions

Hair and Beauty Surrey – T&C's

Prices and payments.


1 A £50 Deposit is paid to secure your wedding day and deducted from your wedding day.( This is refundable)


2 Trails are to be paid on the trail day or prior to the trail.

Trails can be arranged to your address or mine.

Travel expense will be added.


3 When the trail is complete and you are happy to go ahead I will send an invoice for the wedding day.

This is to be paid from the trail too 2 weeks before the wedding day.


4 Travel Expense

The 1st 10miles of travel is free and from there it’s 45P per mile.

(I’m based in Reigate)

Pls let me no parking requirements.


5 Cancellation Fee.

From booking the wedding till 9 months prior 90% will be returned.

From 9 to 6 months 75% will be returned.

From 6-3 months 50% will be returned.

1 month none refunded.


6 Photo Consent.

I use my bridal work for my portfolio pls let me no if you would prefer me not too use your pictures.


7 pls let me no of any allergies or of any importance.

I am not responsible for being bridal dress or accessories.


8 If any emergency I would need to cancel I would appreciate your help.

I work along with a team of hair and makeup artist where we help each other if need be.


9 Your details are convenient.

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