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To ensure that your hair looks perfect I only use the finest Remy natural hair as it is widely recognised as the best type for hair extensions, it’s smoother and more healthier looking than other types of hair on the market, it is also less prone to matting and tangling.

I carry a selection of different colours and varieties of hair so that I can create a perfect match for your extension to give a natural undetectable look.

To connect the Remy hair to you natural hair we use the latest in hair extension technology, micro rings, the advantages of micro rings over conventional bonding are;

– No heat or glue is used, so your natural hair is not damaged.

– Quick and easy to use.

– Provides a very natural undetectable look.

– Easy to remove.

The process is very simple and painless, I simply take some strands of your hair then using some dexterity combine them with the extension hair and using the micro ring firmly clip the two together.



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